Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Currently Loving: Copper & Penny Loafers

Penny Stock: Inspired by Copper

So I still love brass (and gold and bronze;) but lately I'm having a thing with copper! The color of a brand new penny (though hammered copper is soooo spot on)! I am seriously wishing I had all copper pots and pans hanging above my (imaginary) kitchen island. I wanted to throw copper into my look too so I went out and bought a pair of penny loafers recently and was so disappointed to find out (post purchase) that they are not able to hold a penny, it just falls out:( I know Rose Gold is having a moment but when it comes to decor, wouldn't you say copper is awfully close?! I love the idea of using copper metal touches (i.e. hardware) as a "color" in a space, what do you think? Are you digging copper at all? What fashion/home accessory do you have that is copper? 
Do you think it's nerdy to wear penny loafers with pennies in them? Is it too circa 19?? for your taste?! Speaking of Penny's a little guide in case you're inspired to get a pair! That way I'm not the only nerd walking around proudly sporting penny loafers!

Penny Loafers!!!!

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