Monday, August 29, 2011

This Week: The Dog Days of Summer

"Stoney" collage by Michael Keck
I am so glad the week is over. This was a tough one, but we've made it through and I am so happy to move forward! So a few months ago I wrote about my dog, Tracy being diagnosed with cancer. Well this past week we made a very difficult decision and had Tracy's leg amputated on Friday. The tumor had grown and was growing up his arm and it would have been cruel to let a perfectly happy, hungry, playful dog be in pain and discomfort. The night after surgery was tough, I felt awful for him and even had moments of terrible regret but at 5:30am Tracy stood up and walked outside and I am so relieved that just like that he is up again! Dogs are so incredibly resilient and I admire how well he's dealt with this disease and I am happy to say that as of Friday, after the loss of one of his legs, Tracy is cancer free! We don't know how long he will be since cancer usually metastasizes but we've read about several cases of dogs with Osteosarcoma who have lived another year or two after amputation. and considering the fact that we were told we might lose Tracy by October, we're happy to have any extra time with him at all and are especially happy that the pain and discomfort are gone. We have such an amazing group of friends and family, thank you all so much for caring so much about Tracy! So this week...
1. One of my lovely best friends turned 30!! Happy Birthday, E!!! 
2. I completed my last full week at my job! My last day is Tuesday and I am very happy and excited about having a new beginning! But not before a couple of days off to relax!
3. Fashion's Night Out is almost here again! Are any of you excited about this event/planning to participate/attend? I had a nice, girly time last year and am hoping to go again. You can find out what's going on for Fashion's Night Out near you right here
4. Women are eating their placentas?! I don't know how I feel about this! I mean I don't think I would ever but I'm not completely horrified, just a little grossed out (hope nobody is offended by me saying this).  How do you feel about this? Have any of you ever considered this as part of your birth plan?
5. Because I enjoyed putting together posts inspired by Pantone's Color Selections for Spring 2011, I am going to begin putting together posts for each of Pantone's Top 10 Color Selections for Fall 2011! Coming soon...
Hope you have an amazing week!!
PS: Wear your white summery clothes this week because Labor Day is almost here!! Do you follow this "rule"?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Outfit to Outfitted: Warming up to Fall

Outfit: Look from Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 NYC fashion show via Harpers Bazaar
Outfitted: Living Room designed by Jonathan Adler, photo by William Waldron via Elle Decor

Monday, August 22, 2011

This Week: Pressing Buttons

photo by me

So we're working on making our own tufted headboard using this tutorial! Unfortunately, due to some small speed bumps we've encountered along the way (i.e. making buttons without a kit because the fabric is too thick) we will not finish tonight. And thanks to this tutorial we found a way to make it work! I'll post photos of our new headboard as soon as it's done! Once we complete this project it will be the only one on the list of things we wanted to get done around the house this summer. Fortunately for us, Summer isn't over yet! So this week...
1. My blog was nominated for CBS-local Miami Most Valuable Blogger! Please take a minute to vote for my blog here. Oh, and you can vote every day so if you can vote again!! Thanks:)
2. Speaking of voting, Daily Candy's 2011 Start Small, Go Big Contest is open for voting!  They narrowed it down to 3 finalists per category. I voted! One of my favorites was tifamade! I love her vision of girls delivering her sandwiches and cakes on pink bicycles all over the world! I'd love to see that too! You can vote here!!
3. I often fantasize about having a dish washer. I know it may seem silly but since our 1940's apartment does not have any room for a dishwasher it is something I will not have til we move (some day). So you can imagine how excited I was to see this product!! It's a sink that doubles as a dishwasher!! I don't think this will work either since my base cabinet and countertop are not that deep but still, we're getting closer to a dishwasher that might work and fit!! yay!!
4. Just when the cupcake craze seems to be fading here in the use it is just getting started in Paris! Aren't they beautiful?! Even cupcakes in Paris have that special je ne sais quois!!
5.  This looks like a cool event for designers!! Are any of you planning on attending?!

Have a great week!!! xo

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Color Stories: L’été en Indochine

 photo from ad for Barbara Barry's Indochine Collection for Kravet, Conical Asian Hat from American Apparel, Ruched Bandeu one-piece from Delia's , Lantern Moon Indochine Bamboo Root Basket, color palette by me

The last weeks of Summer are upon us and just like that another season is almost past. This color story feels like a nice transition from Summer to Fall and I absolutely love this picture! I've never visited the Indochinese Peninsula, have you? This picture has inspired one more trip on my list of places I suddenly want to travel to soon. I regret that as excited as I've been about Summer I feel like I didn't actually get to do enough of all the summery things I wanted to do. Before it ends I want to host at least one more Summer BBQ with friends, spend at least one more lazy day at the beach, and complete a couple of the little projects we've been meaning to do around the apartment. What are your end-of-summer plans/goals? Are you excited about Fall too?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When one door opens...

photos by me

I have been obsessing with doors for a while now. I particularly enjoy photographing them and can easily spend a whole afternoon busy appreciating every door I walk by. I even enjoy browsing through other peoples photos of doors. These are just a few of the doors I photographed during my trip to New York City in May. Perhaps I've been secretly hoping for a strange/new door to open for me, I don't know. Well today, a door officially opened for me and I am so excited! I have accepted a position at a new company and I cannot believe how amazing it feels to make a change! Usually change is terrifying (okay so maybe it's still a little terrifying) but I feel excited and ready to embrace this change! My husband and sister took me out for dinner to celebrate! We enjoyed a delicious meal from the Miami Spice menu of the 660 at the Angler's located in the lovely Angler's Boutique Resort. After several Juan Collins (soooo yummy!) cocktails I am tipsy and content and hope that you are having a lovely evening too. Good night!! xo

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This Week: Pretty in Pink

photo by me

Look at the lovely present I received from my sales representative at Knoll Textiles! The nail polish color is called Cato Pink. It was named after the Cato fabric pattern in the photograph in celebration of Cato's 50th Birthday! I think it's such a clever, creative way to celebrate  a textile's birthday, isn't it? Speaking of nail polish, I absolutely love  Glitter Guide's idea of having a girly manicure tea party! Does that sound like fun to you?!  Have you tried an ombre manicure yet? I really think I'd like to host one but wonder if anyone will actually be interested in attending. What girly things do you do with your girlfriends? I am looking for something that does not require as much commitment as a book club but still requires quality girl time that we can all pencil in on a regular basis, any ideas? So this week...
1. Last week one of my favorite blogs, Oh Joy featured a Tortellini with Lemon and Dill recipe by Cooking Channel's Kelsey Nixon and I spent all weekend wishing the recipe was available on her site so I could make it. And this week, ta-dah! It's up on her site and I am so going to make it!! Doesn't it sound delicious?! Please let me know if you make it!
2.  I think plastic is fantastic and was so excited to read about the Plastique Ludique exhibition at Les Arts Decoratifs! If only I could make my way to Paris to see it!
3. Missoni's collection for Target will be available in exactly one month! Here's a sneak peek of the collection. What do you think?
4. There isn't really a fall season in Miami:( It's quite sad since it's my favorite season and I get all excited about Fall Fashion and the idea of wearing sweaters and blazers come September but can't do so comfortably in 80-something degree weather (or hotter!). But I am in love with this cardigan (among other pieces) from Banana Republic's new Mad Men Collection and am going to get one even if I can't comfortably wear it until winter.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!! xo

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Color Stories: Black (and white and gray all over)

photo by Rico Puhlmann 1959 via T Magazine, Pagoda Umbrella via Polyvore, Fedora via Forever 21, dog leash via Baxter Boo, Compostable Picnic Basket via Charitable Gift Giving, Trench coat via Old Navy, color palette by me

Monday, August 8, 2011

This Week: Clouds and Marshmallows

photo from sevenspoons on flickr via weheartit

Have been so busy that I'm late to post about this week! I'm not the craftiest person, but find some pleasure in sitting calmly making stuff with my hands. Would love a space dedicated to crafting and/or working with a nice big table and lots of space to store all the supplies needed to make things. Without a space it's just a big mess and while enjoyable it kind of becomes chaotic when there is no room to seperate a project from one's day to day life (i.e. my dining table is my craft/work space).  Do any of you have a crafting/work room/home office to craft/work in?  I have painted and cut and stamped and hole-punched and I even made clouds (check out a tutorial from ohdeedoh here!) to hang above the candy buffet I put together for my sister-in-law's baby shower. So this week...
1.  I've been wanting to make homemade marshmallows ever since my lovely lunch at Daniel Boulud's fabulous DB Bistro Moderne. The ones I had there were orange-blossom flavored and amazing but I still haven't gotten around to making them. I'm inspired all over again after coming across this recipe for Neopolitan Marshmallows  on pinterest. Don't they look and sound delicious?! Have any of you ever made marshmallows? 
2. I got to spend some quality time with my childhood best friend and her husband and 2 lovely girls. I absolutely love seeing her, and love that she is such a great mother, especially since I've known her since we were 7 years old and it still seems surreal that she is all grown up with a family!
3. My friend and former Professor, Tracey shared this video on facebook a while back, have been meaning to share it. Isn't it beautiful?!
4. Am watching Project Runway and loving it even though I don't yet have a favorite designer. Design Star on the other it me or are they all kind of lame? I usually always have a favorite (and they win!) but this time, eh...I'm not loving anyone so much. Which is a shame because I was kind of excited about the show's new season since I loved Emily Henderson so much last season. Are any of you watching? Do you have a favorite on either show?

Have an amazing week!! xo

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Color Stories: Salmon-Strawberry

Image/Look from Anthropologie's August 2011 Catalog, Strawberries via Bon Chic Bon Genre , Color Palette by me
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