Thursday, March 31, 2011

This Week: Spring is in the air!

 photo by me:)

I know it's officially Spring but I worry that Miami might have skipped Spring and gone straight into Summer. It was 93 Degrees this afternoon and we're still in March! And I must say that even the evenings are getting a little sticky around here. The good news is that the evening air smells of night blooming flowers! Several nights this week, on my way out, I picked Gardenias from our Gardenia bush at work. They make our apartment smell sooo lovely! So this week...

1. After a facial and some girl time with my sister, we went shopping and I finally visited Casa Ideas! It's a great shop, filled with inexpensive, colorful goodies for the home. They also have a fabulous stationery department. I did not LOVE everything but came out with a beautiful tin to keep my tea, a pastry brush, a bath mat, a runner for our dining table, a rug for our kitchen and 2 kitchen towels, not too bad!
2. Interior Designers in Florida are fighting to remove Interior Design from Bill CS/HB5005. Our Governor is looking to Deregulate several Professions inorder to create more jobs. The Interior Design community has come together to fight this possibility. As a designer at an Interior Design firm who spent many years and many (MANY) dollars to study Interior Design I am worried that this ridiculous bill might be passed and that just like that an entire profession will be wiped out on a whim:( You can read the bill here. If you have a little minute, please sign the petition. You can read about how you might be affected and/or how else you can help here.
3. We started dieting:( But as soon as we take a break from our regimen (very ambitious, aren't I?) I am totally making these Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies I found on pinterest! Have any of you tried these before? I love the idea of a sweet/savory treat! I cannot wait!!
4. I read the lastest issue of Rue Magazine, you can read it online (for free) here. There are so many pretties to see, including a Milo Baughman chair upholstered in that Sarah Morris fabric I raved about here and a lovely spread titled, "Tea by the Sea" styled by David Stark!
5. I came across "Paper Cuts" an article in T Magazine about Anna Wili Highfield an Australian artist who makes animal-free animal sculptures as an alternative to taxidermied animals. They are so lovely (look at that Pegasus!!), you can see more of her work here. I love so many of them, the horses, the birds, the owls! Which is your favorite?

Have a WONDERFUL, sunshine-filled weekend!! XO

I fancy: A spot of tea

photo credits top photo and a little tea history via Adore Vintage, bottom photo by Claire Richardson via delish

Lately, I have been enjoying tea more and more. My babysitter introduced me to tea when I was a very little girl. She would serve me tea with a splash of milk and sugar with cookies or toast and I remember enjoying it so much. I would love to incorporate a tea time into my afternoons. Do you observe an afternoon tea time on a daily basis? I love the idea of taking a little break and kicking back and relaxing while enjoying a cup of tea and some baked delicious treats or tea sandwiches! Speaking of tea sandwiches, I want to try these recipes, they all sound amazing! Have you any amazing tea sandwich recipes to share? I think I am ready to begin working on my tea sandwich making skills so I can host a proper tea party soon. So my first step towards beginning a tea time buy myself a dainty tea cup, of course! I will begin the search tomorrow, will post pictures once I find THE one:)

 photo credits (from left to right) Martha Stewart, photo of Pink Rococo Tea Set via thisnext, One-lump-or-two-lamp via Anthropologie, pink and gold tea cups via Weddingthings

 tea party photos via Country Living

French Tea Bag and French Madeleine prints by magalerie via etsy

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One Accessory said to the Other: You look lovely, Dahlia!

The Fashion Accessory

 Kris Nations medium Dahlia pendant necklace from Max & Chloe via Shopstyle

The Home Accessory

Dahlia vinyl placemats by Chilewich

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring 2011: Peapod Pantone 14-6324

Peapod Pantone 14-6324 is the only shade of green in Pantone's Top 10 Colors for Women's Fashion for Spring 2011. It's not mint, and it's not your typical pea color, it's so unique that I had to look at it over and over when pulling images for this post to make sure I hadn't wandered off into the sages or greener aquas. I am surprised by how much I  have ended up loving this color! Do you like it too? I am considering making my first batch of french macaroons and think I will make them in a Peapod inspired green tone. Here is Peapod in many tones in photos and, fashion, interior, and product design. How would you best describe Peapod?

From left to right: Pagoda Umbrella via Tuxedosmarts, French Macaroon photo and recipe via, Photo of Perrennial posh via Interiordesign, Bicycle Enamel Catchall Dish via Urban Outfitters

Beautiful Tutu dress from final episode of Sex and the City via 

  Tom Dixon's Zoo Bar via

photos via Pink Pianos

photo of SOHO Beach House, Miami Beach by James McDonald via Interior Design

photo and cake stands via Martha Stewart 

photo of Campbell's Headquarters by Eric Laignel via Interior Design

Friday, March 25, 2011

This Week: Apples & Oranges

 photo by me:)
Hi, my name is Lilly and I am a baking addict. Instead of starting Spring on a huge health kick like I intended, I baked not one, but two cakes this week! I baked an apple cake on Monday and an orange cake this afternoon, both baked with the excuse of putting the fruits I bought to good use. I guess I'm going to have to stop buying fruit.  I know, I should just practice self-control, but the whole process is therapeutic for me. I find calm in measuring and mixing and chopping (apples) or zesting (oranges), and the final product is ALWAYS enjoyable! And just like that the first week of Spring is almost over! Here's to hoping that Friday (the workday) goes by quickly! So this week...
1. We booked a trip to New York City!! Since our planned visit to NYC in December was canceled at the last minute because of a blizzard, we are so excited to go! I am excited to finally get to explore Brooklyn and see/do most of the things we had planned to do in December minus the Christmas(y) stuff like ice skating at Rockefeller Center and being in a winter wonderland. Please recommend any current exhibits we must see or sweet treats/meals we must try!!
2.  Have any of you mastered any artichoke recipes? I hear they're not the easiest to cook/prepare but I watched Giada make Genovese Style Artichokes today and it looks easy enough, and soooo pretty! I might give it a try soon!
3. Speaking of Giada, I went to Target today and I seemed to want everything I saw, especially all of her products! I was tempted to buy her pesto because it's HER pesto, but then it seemed silly since I've learned to make a bunch of different versions of pesto from her. So is it lame to buy her pesto in a jar if I know how to make my own? Have any of you tried it?
4. As my 31st birthday approaches, I am growing more and more concerned about wrinkles and am looking for ways to begin preventing the signs of aging (I sound like a commercial! but it's true, I'm concerned!).  I wear moisturizer with SPF during the day and a night cream but no serums or actual wrinkle creams yet, I think it's time! Do any of you use any (reasonably priced) oil-free wrinkle creams/serums you would recommend? Any other tips or suggestions for maintaining my skins elasticity?
5. Here is the Orange Cake recipe I baked today (see a photo of it above!). It's the easiest cake I've ever baked, no electric mixer needed (because I did not make the frosting) and it baked in 35 minutes! So I highly recommend you try it out if you ever have 2 oranges laying around and are in the mood for a sweet treat:)

Have a lovely weekend!!! XO

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Currently Loving: Vintage World Globes in Decor

photo of Geography 101... Vintage Globe Collection via etsy

Vintage globes seem to be everywhere lately, and I want a piece of the action! Such a cool collection to start, isn't it? Unfortunately, I do not have space for a collection of globes:( But it would be so nice to have something so specific to shop for at Antique markets and thrift stores and to have a pretty cluster of beautiful, vintage globes on display somewhere in my home.  We always had a globe in our house growing up, I wonder if it's still around, I'll check next time I visit my mom.
I have always liked globes. I used to love that Lynne Thigpen's character, the Chief of ACME Detective Agency in the 90's PBS show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? always wore globe earrings,  I loved the scene in the movie Mermaids where Cher spins the globe to decide where to move to next (wouldn't that be nice?!), and I always loved to spin it with one hand while I felt the spin and the raised continents with my other hand. Do you collect vintage globes? You can read about collecting vintage globes and a little history about globes, here. You've probably also been seeing lots of maps being used in decor, I am loving maps too (but that's a different post), have you incorporated maps into your decor? Here are some photos of lovely vintage globe collections and vintage globes in decor.

photo via Elle Decor

 Vintage World Globe Pendant Light DIY project via addicted2decorating

   Sharilyn Wright's Vintage Globe Collection, photo via Apartment Therapy

 vintage globe used in wedding decor (for sale now!) via weddingbee

 Awesome globe via ImagineNations

Andrea Jenkins of Hula Seventy's Vintage World Globe collection via the Stir

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring 2011: Regatta Pantone 18-4039

I've been loving navy blue for a while now and am so happy that there is a new blue to love for Spring! While not my absolute favorite of all of Pantone's color selections for Women's Fashion for Spring 2011, Regatta Pantone 18-4039 is very nice with it's little electric POP, isn't it?! To me, this  lovely bright blue screams water, swimming and blue skies! So, do you like/love it? Will you be incorporating Regatta into your Spring wardrobe? Don't you think it will look lovely paired with the lighter tones of Coral Rose Pantone 16-1349 and Beeswax Pantone 14-0941? Here is a little dose of the refreshing and bright, Regatta!

photo by Sang An via Elle Decor

photo by Irena S. via Bell Bottom Blues found on Pinterest

photo of Blue Balloon via mypartyplanner

photo by Thomas Loof via Architectural Digest

Glitter Heart Stud earrings via Mari Morgan

cake stands and photo from Martha Stewart

photo taken by me inside of Jesus Soto's Penetrable BBL Blue Kinetic Art Installation during Art Basel 2010

Felted scarf on sale (only $20!!) on Etsy!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello, Spring!

photo credits (from left to right), photo by Sharon Core via NY Magazine, photo by me, photo and lemonade/limeade recipe from Martha Stewart

Spring has sprung!!! It's finally here and I am SO excited!! It's not like Miami winters are rough, but there is something about a new Season that is just so refreshing, isn't there?! And Spring is really the most refreshing for me. I'm ready to go for ice cream on a warm evening and jump in a swimming pool on a hot day, are you?! So take out your lovely dresses and swimsuits because Spring is here!! I have several goals for Spring that MUST happen before Summer, they are:

1. Begin diet/work-out regimen as swimsuit time is here:/
2. Find a perfectly comfortable and springy straw handbag
3. Do some real Spring Cleaning!
4. Host some kind of tea party or brunch, or who knows, some kind of crafternoon party for the girls:)
5. Make our headboard or find a headboard solution asap!

Do you have Spring goals too? Are you as excited as I am about Spring?!  What about Spring are you most excited about? Here's to a happy happy Spring!! xo

Thursday, March 17, 2011

This Week: Lucky

photo by me:)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Do you have plans to celebrate? Are you cooking/eating or drinking anything special? Are you wearing green?! Guess what?! Today makes 3 months since my first blog post and this is my 50th post! Thank you all so much for reading!! It's so great to know that I'm not writing/posting into an empty abyss:) And I love to see that you're reading and commenting from all parts of the world! Please don't be shy, feel free to comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts! I would also love it if you would follow and/or "like" Lilly Pond(ering) Blog on Facebook, no pressure though:) And thank you to all of my dear friends for all your support and  for helping to spread the word about Lilly Pond(ering)!! So this week...

1. My mom has invited us over to her house for a St. Patrick's Day dinner! She's making Corned-Beef! I haven't had it in years, I'm so excited! Corned-Beef Hash is on my list of dishes I'd like to learn to make, this recipe sounds easy enough and looks delicious, doesn't it? Do you have a great Corned-Beef Hash recipe you want to share?
2. And since it's a week day and it's quite possible that you're short on time but would like to have a St. Patrick's day dinner, perhaps Rachel Ray's 30 minute Shepherd's Pie recipe could work! If you do make it, please let me know how it turns out!
3. I've been wanting to make terrariums forever now, and I will...eventually! So I was so excited to read this article in the NY Times Style Magazine featuring The Slug and the Squirrel Terrariums! Aren't they lovely?! You can get one of your very own at select East Coast Anthropologie stores or via their etsy shop!
4. I have been craving a trip to Paris lately. When I visited several years ago it was in the middle of my summer spent studying/living abroad in France (will talk about this a lot more some day!) and I must admit, Paris was not my favorite:( I had been traveling a lot and maybe I was tired, or since it was summer after all, perhaps there were too many tourists and Paris just wasn't at it's best, I don't know.  I did think it was beautiful, but for some reason I think I would love it more if I visited again! So this little photo diary of Vogue Fashion Assistant, Cynthia Smith's first ever Paris Fashion Week, though way more fancy and fabulous than my visit would be, made me want to go right NOW!
5. We are exactly one month away from my one year wedding anniversary!! I know paper is the gift to give for one's first wedding anniversary, so I'm trying to come up with something clever and awesome to make or buy for my husband. Any ideas?  What would/did you give your husband/wife for your first anniversary?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Outfit to Outfitted: Golden Girls Chic


House of Holland Spring 2011 Runway via Elle


Beautiful Martinique Wallpaper (the same as the one @ the Beverly Hills Hotel) in space designed by Nate Berkus, photo by Simon Upton via Elle Decor

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring 2011: Russet Pantone 18-1235

So Pantone's Russet is a little less Springy than the rest of Pantone's color selections for Women's Fashion for Spring 2011 but a lovely neutral to throw into the mix, isn't it?! It's richness reminds me of delicious things like chocolate and potatoes! Mmmm:) Is Russet one of your favorites from the Top 10? Have you any lovely Russet pieces for your Spring wardrobe? Do tell! Here is the lovely Russet in Photography, Fashion, Interior Design and delicious treats!
photos (left to right): photo and french chocolate macaroon recipe via, Christian Louboutin Beauty Bow Pumps via Saks, Chocolate Pencils by Nendo via

photo by William Waldron via Elle Decor

Photo of David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth, 1976 via

Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2011 Runway via Elle

Restroom design by JZA+D at Waku Ghin Restaurant in Singapore via arch daily

photo by Eric Roth via Elledecor

Marc Jacobs bag via Bag Snob, Russet Potatoe via

Susana Woven Romper via Forever21

photo of Natural History Museum from A Few of My Favorite Things blog found on pinterest-originally pinned by Lynn Goldfinger Abram
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