Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 Black Swan Inspired Gifts

I watched Black Swan on Sunday. It is a great film, Natalie Portman's performance was amazing. She does a lovely job of fighting inner demons we all fear, it is very very intense to say the least. I actually screamed in horror during one scene, a scene that in retrospect was not that creepy...what can I say, I'm a chicken! Aside from the intense plot, I loved the attention to detail throughout the film and found it to be an aesthetic delight. I left inspired to attend ballets, find my childhood jewelry box and find the perfect tutu dress for New Years Eve, perhaps a very light reaction to what I watched but I'm still trying to forget the rest of it as I fear having nightmares:)
I promise this is the last gift guide (for now:)! Since I am still scrambling to finish my Christmas shopping, I figured some people could use a little gifting inspiration too, so here it is...

1. Black feather headband $5.80 , 2. Tickets to the Ballet! George Balanchine's The Nutcracker from $20, 3. Pearl Earrings $150, 4. Tutu-inspired skirt with built in leggings and ballet slippers for baby $17.99, 5. Viktor & Rolf Limited-Edition Holiday Tutu Flower Bomb $105, 6. Dreamy Tutu dress for New Years Eve available at H&M (sadly,we don't have H&M in Miami), 7. Beauty in a Box: Glitter Eyes Palette $36, 8. Mirrored Jewelry Box $59.95 9. Red Lipstick $30 10. Ballet for Dummies $13.14

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