Thursday, December 23, 2010

Currently Loving: Brass

Currently Loving: Brass
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I know, it's not for everyone but I have a new(ish) found appreciation for everything brass! Particularly in decor, where I find it more and more difficult to a) convince clients that brass is the way to go and b) believe that this obsession will continue long term, but lately I have grown more and more in love. Brass is perfect for interiors inspired by the likes of Kelly Wearstler and Tony Duquette where more is more, and for lovely eclectic interiors you could once have found in issues of the late Domino Magazine as well as for more modern projects by designers like Tom Dixon. It is a fairly inexpensive approach to glamorous decor and very available as of late. Last week, I went through my mom's old brass stash (stored away in her garage) and came out with all sorts of lovelies for free! Do you like brass too? Do you think the trend will last?

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