Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Week: The Joys of Girlhood

photo on card my sister gave me by Lee Anne Brooke

We went to watch Bridesmaids tonight and it was soooo funny! It felt so good to laugh so hard! At dinner afterwards, I was talking with my sister about how wonderful it was/is to be a girl. I'm sure boys have fun too, but girls, we have so much fun! It's funny because we're intelligent, well rounded, educated women and though girly topics still interest and amuse us, we're definitely not bimbos! I'm still friends with girls I played Barbie with (my goodness has she evolved, she has her own website now:) We enjoy talking about serious topics, and life but also have fun talking about decor or nail polish, showing each other the new clothes and make-up we buy, and sharing recipes. My husband once commented on how funny it was that my sister and I can skip from serious topics in conversation to say, mascara and be equally excited and interested in the conversation!   I don't know why, but every little thing can be fun when you share it with your girlfriends, don't you agree?! Thinking back on all the funny (too embarrassing to talk about in detail here) little snippets I can recall perfectly from my girlhood (and womanhood thus far) makes me feel so lucky to have always had such great friends:) And just like that we're all grown women with careers and responsibilities and I get to see some of them become wonderful mothers, and we still have our girly conversations and laugh together. I just love quality girly time with my lovely friends (you know who you are;) So this week...

1. Two of my friends had their baby girls!! Congratulations to "L" and "J"!!!
2. I fell in love with Keri Russell's Brownstone in Brooklyn in the latest issue of Elle Decor Magazine!!!!
3. I would love to go here!! Isn't it dreamy?!
4. In the coming weeks some of my Currently Loving posts will feature some wonderful, creative people I know and they will be sharing a couple of the things they are Currently Loving!
5. Memorial Day weekend is around the corner?! Any big plans?! Do tell!!

Have a lovely weekend!!! xo

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