Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Currently Loving: Kaelsie Saravia's Favorite Things for Summer 2011

Kaelsie Saravia is a young designer and manager at Surface Workshop, a sustainable custom furniture company in Miami, FL.  A designer, a bicycle-riding enthusiast, an artist, a muralist, and a marathon runner, Kaelsie is always up to fun, creative things and is sooo talented (look at her lovely watercolors below)! Here she shares five of her favorite things for summer...

Given that I work at my woodshop/studio without adequate air conditioning, it always feels like summer.  Luckily, all the sweating and hard work comes with much fun and play. Here are the things that help me stay happy and fresh in the summer:

1. Hand-painted Espadrilles
Espadrilles or alpargatas, have made a big comeback. I make friends bring them to me from Spain or South America because I prefer the kind that are handmade. For a pair of black alpargatas from Uruguay, I decided to hand paint my own designs onto them. You can use acrylic paint and a thin paint brush or fabric sprays to create whimsical designs, colorful stripes, or any pattern you can think of. The best thing about these are that they keep your feet cool and there is no need for socks! I like to wear the flat model for day and the platform heel model for night or special occasions. 

2. Picnic by bike 
The two loveliest activities for summer combined: picnic and bike ride with friends. Forget soups and warm food. For a summer picnic you have to pack cold treats that are lightweight. My dream menu would include the exotic salad, blackberry tarts, and at least a dozen macaroons from Buena VistaDeli, some champagne in a can like the Sofia Mini 4-pack, a small ipod and speakers, and my friends! 
3. Fabric jewelry from Tigerlily Dream  I am convinced that it gets a little hotter outside every day. While conventional jewelry feels too sticky, fabric covered jewelry feels lightweight and fresh against my skin. I am in love with all the necklaces my sister is making for her Tigerlily Dreams accessory line. So inspired that I am making some creations of my own and joined the creative team! I can throw on a plain t-shirt, shorts, and a colorful fabric necklace for an effortless, but cute outfit. All my chunky bead and chain jewelry will stay put away until fall, because this summer I will be sticking with fabric and wood pieces!

4. Rubber rain boots and bright umbrellas
I got these super-utilitarian rubber rainboots on my trip to Honduras recently (for $6 U.S.) and I have a collection of cute umbrellas that include pieces by Marimekko, Lilly Pulitzer, and Marc Jacobs. I look out my window every morning hoping to see rain or at least some dark clouds so I can bust out my cheerful rain gear. So far it’s been mostly sunny. But, the day that it pours, you might see me splashing around in big puddles or riding my bike to work holding a huge, strawberry and polka dot umbrella. If we had cooler weather, you better believe I would also throw on a bright rain coat and funky hat. But, it's too hot to do that here (and I speak from experience on this one! The boots are hot enough, I carry a pair of flip flops in my bag in case the weather suddenly goes back to perfect I can change. 

 5. Summer Music Mix Summer for me also means being very active. Whether I am running, biking, or walking; I always have a soundtrack to go with me. Lately, I am loving:

I'm wishing you a fabulous and fun summer! And remember, sweating is inevitable, just be sure to look fresh and smile so no one notices the drip or your scent, rather the radiant glow you are emanating! 


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