Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Week: Summer is suddenly promising to be a whole lot sweeter and refreshing!

photos by me
I've had the loveliest day! I spent the afternoon with one of my best friends and I had lunch with two of my best friends! Quality time with girlfriends is always a treat on a weekday:) And I got the loveliest birthday present too! Crate & Barrels Ice Pop Molds, a Popsicle Recipe book and a Popsicle kitchen towel! I am so excited about making Popsicles, all of the recipes sound delicious and refreshing!!  I think homemade Popsicles will be the perfect treat on these hot and humid Summer afternoons! The recipe book she gave me even has cocktail pops recipes...Mmmmm:) So this week...

1. My lovely friend, Kaelsie has shared five things she is loving for Summer with us!! Read the post and see her beautiful watercolor paintings here.
2. Am excited about a new restaurant opening on South Beach!! Jeff McInnis the Top Chef who left Gigi is opening his own restaurant, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. Can't wait for Fall to indulge in some Southern delight!! 
3. Oh to spend the weekends in East Hampton preparing delicious meals and decorating! Check out the designers of Roman and Williams (responsible designing wonderful spots like the Ace Hotel and the Boom Boom Room) Montauk, NY weekend retreat here. Be sure to check out the Hibiscus Flower Punch recipe at the end of the article!!
4. We went on a lovely double date with friends! We started off the evening at a gallery in Downtown Miami followed by a lovely dinner at a wonderful little restaurant called Soya & Pomodoro! The place is great, as soon as you walk in you just feel like you're somewhere else, on vacation, away! Nothing beats an evening of art, delicious food and great company:)
5. So excited to go see Conan O'Brien Can't Stop a documentary about Conan after he left NBC! 
Have an amazing weekend!! Indulge yourself with delicious, cold treats to stay cool! xo


  1. first - save me an ice pop.

    second - i knew something was off the last time we went to Gigi, don't think i'll be going back.

    third: i LOVE soya & pomodoro...was a lunch staple when i worked downtown.

    great post!

  2. Thanks:) I'm so sad to hear that Gigi is no longer great, Kev never got to try it:( Will definitely make you guys some Popsicles!!


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