Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Week: Cupcake to Cupcake

photo and watercolor of cupcake by me

I love photographing food. I'll admit that it's not the easiest thing to do, especially if it's in a dark restaurant or kitchen. I get very excited when I happen to want to photograph food I'm eating in daylight. Since I don't always carry my camera with me I rely on my phone to take most pictures of food (right before I eat it!). Sure the camera on my iPhone is great but I rely on quick, easy editing with my instagram or shake it apps most of the time. Styling food is also not the most practical thing in all situations, a clean white plate and under cabinet lighting usually do the trick. Sometimes, frustrated because I can't seem to get a good shot I am tempted to just change my kitchen's backsplash in order to create a nicer back drop for my food photography sessions. So you can imagine how happy I was to read these 10 tips to improve your food photography! Speaking of pretty food, last night I had the most amazing guava filled cupcakes (yes that's plural;) at our niece's birthday get together. Inspired by the article and in the mood to do something creative today, I worked on a little watercolor inspired by the photo of said cupcake. Are you obsessed with photographing every delicious thing you make, bake or eat? Any tips you want to share? So this week...
1. I wish I had come across this picture when I was putting together my post for Bamboo Pantone 14-0740.
2. Recently, I was invited to attend a Cooking show at the Miami Culinary Institute. There I made a couple of new friends! And!! We're going to get together about once a month and teach each other our recipes! Our first "cooking class" will take place in a couple of weeks, I'll let you know how it goes:)
3. I love when design is inspired by some other art form and reinterpreted into something that's lovely and different from the original inspiration (i.e. the dress version of a painting). Check out Vogue's Museum as Mood Board: Spring Fashion Collections are Rooted in Fine Arts.
4. Speaking of photography, do you know The Selby? I've read the blog for years and always love seeing The Selby in T Magazine. Here's the latest article, even more cool to me because of it's wonderful, Hemingway inspired title, A Moveable Feast
5. How fabulous is Joy Venturini?! I love when women remain stylish icons at every age! PS: Feel free to flip through the rest of the October issue of Matchbook Magazine while you're there, it's wonderful (and free!!).

Have a wonderful weekend!! xo


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