Saturday, October 8, 2011

This Week: Spouts and Pouts

photo from Blanaid via pinterest
It's a perfectly rainy day on Miami Beach. Perfect because it's Saturday and I don't really have to be anywhere. There are tornado warnings for all of Miami-Dade county so it's absolutely okay that I have spent the day lounging on my sofa reading and watching TV. Aren't rainy days like this the best?! How are you spending your Saturday? Is it rainy where you are? So this week...
1. My lovely friend, Yelsi invited me to go with her to Sassy City Chicks Fashion Bash 2011 on Thursday night. It's always great to spend some quality girl time with friends! Well at the Fashion Bash I had the pleasure of meeting Shira Kastan, owner of local company/brand Robbie Lip Gloss. I am quite obsessed  with Rosebud Salve but I must say, Robbie lip gloss is pretty amazing! The fact that it contains vitamins and isn't sticky makes it feel as good as Rosebud with the added bonus that it also looks all glossy and pretty and smells great!  I tried Pomegranate  you can check out the rest of the colors here. PS: We won our tickets to the Sassy City Chicks Fashion Bash on Kelly's Kloset.
2.  We went to watch 50/50 and it was excellent! We laughed, we cried and left the movie feeling great. I highly recommend it!
3. We had a great start to our weekend! We enjoyed a lovely dinner with friends last night! We sipped on Mint Juleps while our friends prepared the most amazing Asian pear and steak salad! Aside from the delicious food it is always great to spend a Friday evening in great company:)
4. I am so excited that I'm attending the opening night of Elle Decor's Miami Showhouse! Are any of you attending too? 
5. I bake a lot, all the time but have found it quite challenging to make a chocolate cake I love:( I made my very first one for my husband's birthday and didn't love it. I think it was the chocolate butter cream frosting I made with Cocoa Powder that I didn't like. So I'm going to try again tomorrow for my sister-in-law's Birthday!  So this time I think I'll make this recipe with the milk chocolate frosting I found in this recipe. Wish me luck! PS: Please send me any amazing chocolate cake recipes you recommend! 

Have a lovely weekend! Stay dry! xo


  1. I've read lots of good reviews about 50/50 ,can't wait to watch it :)

  2. It's sooo good, I highly recommend it:)


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