Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lovely Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

(click on the photos and you'll be lead to the link to buy!)

Valentine's Day is around the corner!! Are you fans of this "holiday"? I know it's not the most important occasion but I can't help it, I love it! Are you making special plans? Do tell! When I was single I would bake goodies for my co-workers and give valentines to my friends, now I have a nice dinner with my husband (who only celebrates Valentine's Day to make me happy:) it's actually our first Valentine's Day as a married couple!! I happen to love selecting gifts, it's something I thoroughly enjoy, there are so many lovely little gifts (and bigger more elaborate ones) to give!! So I'm putting together a series of Valentine's Day Gift Guides and will publish them all between now and then. This first guide is pretty general, consisting of gifts almost every girl would like! The rest are gift guides for a specific type of her (you'll see) and there will be a gift guide for him, of course. XO


  1. this holiday makes me sad! but i like the gift guide. maybe i should give to myself lol

  2. Yes, you should absolutely treat yourself! And you can alway give valentines to your friends! XO

  3. WOW, great reading, i just love your ideas, thanks for posting. :D


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