Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Week: Picnics on my mind

photo by me:)

The week is almost over! yay!! So, how was your Valentine's Day? I had the most lovely evening at home with my husband. We had filet mignon and lobster with those yummy french fries I mentioned last week, it was an AMAZING meal! He bought a bottle of Veuve Clicquot (my favorite) and after a few glasses I got a little lazy and those brownies I had planned on making seemed a little complicated so I looked up a yellow cake recipe and whipped it up with some strawberry frosting...delicious! My Valentine gave me gifts he selected using my Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Girly Girl...sooo sweet that he thinks I'm a girly girl and reads my blog:) I am so looking forward to the weekend! I have all-day plans for Saturday with one of my best friends. I think I'll make a little breakfast and then we plan on wandering around, taking photos and hanging out, having more meals, snacks, coffee, etc. and see where the day takes us! And Sunday we are planning a stroll around the park and a little picnic with our friends and their lovely little girl. I am loving picnics lately! It's so nice to lounge around on a lovely patch of grass, snacking and sipping while chit chatting and spending time with friends. I am looking for recipes that pack well and taste yummy at room temperature, please share any picnic recipes you love:) So this week...

1. Our friends were on the radio! They got together with fellow advocates of eating fresh and eating local and made a Valentine's dinner together with all fresh, local ingredients...listen to the show here!
2. I need a picnic basket and blanket but have not found THE ones, am loving all of this picnic gear
3. Speaking of Veuve Clicquot, The Widow Clicquot is coming up on my list of books to read.
4. I discovered a new online shop! It's called LAMA (Latin America in the Modern Age), I love it!
5. Finally watched The Romantics, I had been dying to see it since I read the book. It was fine...perhaps redundant because I've read the book.
6. Watched Giada make this Grilled Cheese with Spinach and Pancetta...mmmm can't wait to make/try it!
7. I also watched It's Kind of a Funny Story...cute.
8. Read the British Edition of Adore Magazine...oh how I would love to visit London again... and the latest issue of Lonny!
9. So happy that Arcade Fire won a Grammy for Album of the Year!!
10. Here's the easy yellow cake recipe I made!

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