Thursday, February 24, 2011

This Week: Looking forward to spring!

photo by me:)
Spring is almost here!! I know some of you are sitting in a winter wonderland reading this but Miami/Miami Beach has been sunny and hot all week and I am giving up on my hope for a few more cold fronts. I am fascinated by how perfectly we transition from season to season. I was so excited as Fall and Winter approached (even if our winter is hardly wintry), I was in the holiday spirit,  pulling out sweaters and jackets, baking pumpkin desserts, making soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on cold week nights. And just like that, Winter has grown old and I am excited about Spring! About the fun citrus colors that will be everywhere very soon, pretty spring dresses, the warm weather, pool days (still too cold to go to the beach), suntans, bbq's, lemonade, brunches and all the other fun things that come with Spring. Are you excited about Spring yet? What about Spring are you looking forward to the most? So this week...

1. My beautiful niece, Mia turned 4 years old! We're working on some ideas for her crafting birthday party!
2. Am so excited about citrus colors everywhere for spring, am putting together a post, check it out next week!
3. Today I watched Martha Stewart's Citrus Show! She had guest June Taylor teach us how to make Candied Meyer Lemons, such a great way to put lemon skin/peel (you would normally toss) to good use, check out the recipe here. You can purchase June Taylor's hand-made marmalades and other delicious treats  on her website and if you live near Berkeley you can sign up for classes too!
4. Are you a college student? If so, then you can enter The NY Times Modern Love Essay Contest! The winner gets $1000 and his/her essay published in a "Modern Love" column on May 1st, 2011.
5. Tickets to see Philip Johnson's Glass House are on sale now! I once got a tour from Mr. Johnson himself (on TV) and though I will definitely make it a point to go see the Glass House in person, it was so nice to hear all about it from him.
6. So I am embarrassed to say but I have pretty low standards when it comes to TV:/ Please don't judge, I just love some really crappy shows and even watch crappy shows I don't love, pretty bad, huh? So did you watch the first episode of The Real Housewives of Miami?
7. If you haven't already heard, I am happy to announce that H&M will be opening an online shop for the US!!  Too bad it won't be up til the end of the year because I'm dying for these 2-tone shoes with a gold heel I saw on a blog (can't remember which one so no link, sorry), those along with the rest of H&M's dreamy Spring 2011 collection are available in April!
8. Attending a Stella & Dot trunkshow at my friend's house tomorrow night, love girly gatherings!
9. I think I want to join or start a book club! Are any of you part of a book club? Would you be interested in joining one? I worry that it's hard to commit to reading whatever comes up since I'm a little moody when it comes to my book selections. On the other hand, it might be kind of nice to read something I wouldn't have necessarily picked up. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with book clubs.
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Hope you have amazing weekends!! XO


  1. I must say I watched the premier of the Real Housewives of Miami! I am guilty of loving reality TV... I am also looking forward to Spring and then the balmy days of summer!!!! Love your blog!!!!!!

  2. Thank you:) Glad to hear you watched it too! Did you think they were pretty lame too? Trust me I don't have high expectations but these women did not seem interesting at all to me, kind of like the way I feel about Desperate Housewives, maybe their social interactions and lifestyles just seem old to me. Do you agree?


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