Friday, February 11, 2011

This Week: French Fries and Romance

photo by me:)
So, have you finalized your Valentine's Day plans? I am still undecided on what to do, am leaning towards a fancy shmancy home cooked meal (with the help of recipes from foodnetwork, of course:). The thought of spending Monday night in a crowded restaurant just doesn't seem too appealing to me, do you agree? Some of the recipes I've browsed through are for couples to make together, which sounds even better, doesn't it?! So I'm on a huge french fry kick (again!) and I need to stop!! Would it be unromantic if I make french fries as part of my fancy shmancy meal? How about if I dress them up (see one dreamy recipe below)? I will be posting the rest of my Valentine's Day Gift Guides asap since I know time is running out, it's just been so busy busy around here:) So this week...

1. If you're thinking of staying in and cooking something nice for Valentine's Day too,  visit Epicurious and use their Romantic Menu Planner. You take a quiz and after you answer all of the questions they generate a custom menu that is pefect for your valentine!
2. Here's the recipe to that dreamy Baked Meyer Lemon Fries recipe I mentioned! Let me know if you try it:)
3. A few of my favorite bloggers were invited to a sneak peak of Anthropologie's new wedding line BHLDN (pronounced Beholden)!! They are officially launching the line on Valentine's Day! If only they had a wedding line when I was looking for my wedding dress!
4. I think this locket is so pretty and perfectly simple.
5. I bought this book, will start reading as soon as I'm done with Steve Martin's An Object of Beauty.
6. Am thinking I'll definitely make these Brownie Heart Cupcakes for our Valentine's dinner.
7. I want to go see Cedar Rapids, I'm hoping it's hilarious!
8. My wonderful dog, Mystic Dick Tracy turned 8 (56 in dog years)! Happy Birthday, Tracy!! To celebrate...Frosty Paws Ice Cream, of course:)
9. Looking forward to the Miami International Film Festival! Hoping I catch atleast one film this year:)
10. Wishing I was attending Food Network's South Beach Food & Wine Festival! Are any of you attending?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!XO


  1. great post! we were making plans for a dinner out but decided against it too! instead, we went to our fave local fish market, garcia's and bought a beautiful fresh fillet and jumbo shrimp to make a ceviche! yum:) complete with the corn and sweet potatoe like the peruvians serve it. it was easy and delicious...i also opted for baking my honey's favorite cookie of the moment, madeleine cookies. cheers to a lovely valentine at home :)

  2. Cheers! That dinner sounds amazing! I have been meaning to learn how to make ceviche, was it easy? Have you made cancha before? They typically serve cancha at Peruvian Restaurants, here's a link if you're interested, I add about half an onion (in thickish wedges)and it's delicious!
    Your madeleines looked lovely! Happy to hear you had such a lovely Valentine's dinner at home:)So much better than a crowded restaurant:) XO


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