Friday, April 29, 2011

This Week: The Dog Days of Spring

photo of Tracy by me

How was your week?  I have to be honest and say that this has been a very hard week for us around here. On Monday, our greyhound, Mystic Dick Tracy (goes by Tracy) was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma  or Bone Cancer. We are completely devastated by this news, especially because treatment is not really a long term solution as the chances of the cancer returning immediately are quite high, which makes all the pain and suffering he would have to go through seem cruel. So we have decided to not go through with chemotherapy or amputation which means our beautiful, wonderful boy may be leaving us sometime soon:( We don't quite know if he has a couple of months or a year or more to live but are working on making him as comfortable and happy as possible from now until then (whenever then might be). On Sunday we are visiting a Holistic Veterinarian who we are hoping can do some acupuncture and other treatments that will help manage the pain along with the prescribed pain killers he is already taking.  So the next couple of weeks and months will be very difficult as we know his condition (and his limp/mobility) will only get worse:(  Sorry about such a depressing post, I hope to be bright and cheery as soon as we get a handle on our plans and treatments for Tracy.  So this week...

1. The food trucks are out tonight!! Go here for their location!!
2. My amazing and talented friend, Kaelsie of Surface Workshop has painted a mural which will be (or has been by now) revealed at Green MonkeyYoga Studio tonight. If you read this too late, you can still see her mural, I hear their yoga classes are great!
3. Kelly Wearstler has designed a ready to wear fashion collection!! You can check out the whole collection here!
4. Prince William and Kate Middleton got married!! Did you watch the Royal Wedding? I caught snippets of it this morning, what a lovely bride!! They looked lovely and so happy!! And am sooo happy that she selected Alexander McQueen dresses!
5. We are planning to spend the day with great friends tomorrow!! Am so looking forward to a relaxing afternoon and little Homestead adventure!! Plus, Tracy is going for a visit too!! 
Have a lovely weekend!!!! xo


  1. *hug* So sorry to hear this Lilly :( Tracy looks so charming in that photo! I'll definitely be keeping him in my prayers & thoughts xx


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