Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Color Stories: The Fiestas of San Fermin

photo from Missy Rayder: Muse Spring 2010 via,  Leather Wine Bottle from Wine Botas, poster via

I've put together a little color story inspired by The Sun Also Rises and Ernest Hemingway's simple yet colorful descriptions of his experience at the Fiestas of San Fermin in 1925. And while I don't think I am yet willing to stomach a bullfight, I do think I'd like to have a little wine from a leather wine bottle and perhaps someday witness the Fiestas of San Fermin from a balcony as he sometimes did. Have any of you ever been? Have you ran with the bulls? It's incredible how reading about Hemingway's fascination with bullfighting has piqued my interest in something I had never really had any interest in. It's amazing how inspiring anything can be if you're reading/hearing/learning about it from a true aficionado.


  1. Although I think bullfighting is cruel, I can't help but love the costumes the bullfighters wear...bright pinks and reds and TONS of sequins!!!

  2. I totally know what you mean! How can something so cruel be so beautiful?!


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