Sunday, July 17, 2011

This Week: Loving Ernest & Blueberry Coffee

photo by me
 It's amazing how much one movie can inspire such a fun reading streak! I reread The Great Gatsby and am now reading The Paris Wife. I am loving Ernest Hemingway! Mostly because I am reading all about him from his wife, Hadley's point-of-view and she was madly in love with him, but still, I had never taken such a liking to him! I love that they both called each other Tiny and Tatie and he called her Kitty and Cat and they called their son Bumby. I love that they were on great adventures even after having "settled down" and had a child. And I love to hear all about the people they met and conversations they had. Next on my list is A Moveable Feast a book published by Hemingway's fourth wife after his death that is all about his time in Paris during the 1920's so it'll be cool to read about the experience from his perspective. Do any of you have any favorite books by any of the literary expatriates that you want to recommend? What are you reading this summer? Please send recommendations my way, am reading through my selections so fast! So this week...
1. We spent a lovely evening with friends! We BBQ'd, we talked, we went for a nice walk! So nice to spend some quality time with great friends, isn't it?!
2. I found this cool little shop, Write with Moxie on etsy! Great gift idea for creative friends + I love the word moxie!!
3. I love the design of this new hotel in Nolita
4. Are you watching the new season of Secrets from a Stylist?! I like Emily, and it's always fun to see her work! Watch on Saturday nights at 9pm EST or DVR it!!
5. My sister brought us a bag of New England Coffee's Blueberry Cobbler coffee! One word: AMAZING!! You must try it!

Hope your Sunday is great and feels very looooong!

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