Sunday, July 24, 2011

This Week: The Sun Also Rises

photo of Ernest Hemingway and friends in Pamplona, Spain during the Fiesta San Fermin in 1925 (the experience The Sun Also Rises is based on...except he omitted his wife, Hadley from the story in his book) via JFK Presidential Library and Museum

And so the obsession with Ernest Hemingway continues! I meant to start reading A Moveable Feast this week but was unable to get my hands on a copy (until yesterday, can't wait to start reading it:) and so I started reading The Sun Also Rises. It is interesting to read since I read about that trip and the real characters who joined him while reading The Paris Wife. I have never had much of an interest in Bull Fighting, happen to find it quite cruel, really but somehow he has even managed to make that experience seem interesting. Have/are any of you read/reading these books? So this week...

1. I learned about an amazing resort in Acapulco, Mexico from Mrs. Lilien. I soooo want to go spend a few relaxing days at Hotel Boca Chica! Have any of you been?!
2. Happy to read that I'm not the only one obsessing about the 1920's, Read about The Great Gatsby inspired designs here!!
3. Reading about the movie Shag on Vogue's website brought back so many memories!! My best friend since childhood and I watched this movie over and over when we were young girls! Love to know that we had such great taste;) Next thing you know someone will be raving about Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael, another one of our (many) favorites! ha!
4. My friend, Yelsi of Tigerlily Dream has wonderful new designs in her shop! I am especially loving the Pretty Skinny Bracelets and Necklace and Pop Rocks (what a great name!!). Take a little peek here!
5. Am excited about Season 9 of Project Runway!! It premieres this Thursday, July 28th on Lifetime! You can check out the contestants portfolio here.
Hope your week and weekend (sorry I'm late:) has been lovely! Have a great week!! xo


  1. you inspired me to read the Paris Wife, started it yesterday :) I can't wait till Project Runway airs :)

  2. Yay!! I hope you love it as much as I did! I will be starting A Moveable Feast very soon, can loan it to you when I'm done ( or do you only Kindle?)! We should def. start a book club!! xo


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