Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Currently Loving: Marnie's Favorite Things for Summer

 I was named after my mom who was named after the Alfred Hitchcock movie Marnie. The protagonist in this movie is played by Tippie Hedrin. The Marnie in the movie, is a thief, compulsive liar, and has a deep rooted fear of the color red amongst other psychosis’….nice person to be named after huh!? THANKS MOM!! Thank God I can say that I am nothing like Marnie in the movie but am a busy mommy to beautiful 2 year old Mia, a wife and psychology student with too many passions to count. I love my family, the Lord, fashion, dressing people, helping others, medicine, art, sports and this list goes on. My fashion icons are my mom and surprisingly enough my hubby. My mother is the most amazing dresser I know and not only do I respect her fashion opinion but I look to her for advice on just about anything and everything. My husband is my second fashion icon because prior to meeting him I felt as though everything needed to match perfectly, but he has opened my eyes to the world of mismatched beauty. My celebrity fashion icon is probably Blake Lively, not even the paparazzi can catch her looking bad.  She is, in a perfect world, my style twin. 
I created my facebook boutique, Mia Mor because I wanted to make some extra money on the side but didn’t have time to fit work into my busy schedule. It allowed me to have that extra income and fulfill one of my many passions all while doing the most important things, being a wife, mommy, and student. The name was inspired by my 2 year old daughter, Mia and a sort of play on words… Mi Amor…get it?  Mia Mor boutique also offers boutique parties, fashion consultations, and at-home personal shopping for any occasion, trip, or event. Our catch phrase and motto is "God bless and happy shopping" two things that no one should live without!

 1. Raw gems: Especially raw turquoise. Wear it on your arm, finger, neck, ears, or waist…it always looks fabulous with a crisp white maxi or a red romper. Wear it on the beach or out to dinner. 

2. Tous Ganesh collection: Perfect pairing of Tous and color!!! I’m not a big fan of the evil eye, hand, and elephant craze going on right now…but this little elephant I will let slide.

 3. Shoe Clips!!!!  Love them and the best place to get them is at Absolutely Audrey.These are any girl’s best friend. Whether you are a girl on a budget and want a new pair of shoes but don’t have the cash to dish out or you're just trying to jazz up your oldest most treasured heels, comfort first ladies! They have everything from Twiggy inspired shoe clips to bridal collections for the most chic brides. These shoe clips are an affordable way to go green and reuse your old shoes! 

4. Ark & Co. Clothing Line: 
(which you can find at Mia Mor boutique). This line of retro-indie cute vintage- inspired clothing is the epitome of what I believe is perfect style. Not only is the fabric perfect for everybody type but the fit of these clothes is un-paralleled. This company is based out of Los Angeles and knows what women want. I’m a sucker for the perfect dress up and dress down dress. I want to be able to go from work to a nice sit-down dinner in my favorite restaurant and still feel fabulous. These are a couple of my faves, perfect to dress up or dress down. All you need to do is pin up your hair, put on some red lipstick, and carry a pair of Absolutely Audrey shoe clips in your bag and you're good to go with a completely different outfit in under 30 seconds! 

5. Own your body and practice walking in heels: My last and most important obsession right now. The proper heel strut can miraculously pick up your butt, make you stick out your chest and flex muscles in your legs that you didn’t even know you had. The power of a perfect heel strut encompassed with a self- confident woman surpasses all plastic surgeries and creams. Check out the video below for some tips on the perfect heel strut! And always remember the key to happiness is feeling good in your own skin and not wanting more than what the good Lord intended. God bless and happy shopping! 

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