Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Color Stories: L’été en Indochine

 photo from ad for Barbara Barry's Indochine Collection for Kravet, Conical Asian Hat from American Apparel, Ruched Bandeu one-piece from Delia's , Lantern Moon Indochine Bamboo Root Basket, color palette by me

The last weeks of Summer are upon us and just like that another season is almost past. This color story feels like a nice transition from Summer to Fall and I absolutely love this picture! I've never visited the Indochinese Peninsula, have you? This picture has inspired one more trip on my list of places I suddenly want to travel to soon. I regret that as excited as I've been about Summer I feel like I didn't actually get to do enough of all the summery things I wanted to do. Before it ends I want to host at least one more Summer BBQ with friends, spend at least one more lazy day at the beach, and complete a couple of the little projects we've been meaning to do around the apartment. What are your end-of-summer plans/goals? Are you excited about Fall too?


  1. For a fun and fast summer trip, you could always do a roadtrip!!! They are the BESSSST!!! And soo many adventures!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  2. A road trip does sound fun!! Unfortunately, Florida isn't the best state for road trips. Am leaning toward a little staycation, one week at home, waking up early and spending the day on the beach catching up on my reading! Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog:)


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