Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When one door opens...

photos by me

I have been obsessing with doors for a while now. I particularly enjoy photographing them and can easily spend a whole afternoon busy appreciating every door I walk by. I even enjoy browsing through other peoples photos of doors. These are just a few of the doors I photographed during my trip to New York City in May. Perhaps I've been secretly hoping for a strange/new door to open for me, I don't know. Well today, a door officially opened for me and I am so excited! I have accepted a position at a new company and I cannot believe how amazing it feels to make a change! Usually change is terrifying (okay so maybe it's still a little terrifying) but I feel excited and ready to embrace this change! My husband and sister took me out for dinner to celebrate! We enjoyed a delicious meal from the Miami Spice menu of the 660 at the Angler's located in the lovely Angler's Boutique Resort. After several Juan Collins (soooo yummy!) cocktails I am tipsy and content and hope that you are having a lovely evening too. Good night!! xo


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