Monday, August 29, 2011

This Week: The Dog Days of Summer

"Stoney" collage by Michael Keck
I am so glad the week is over. This was a tough one, but we've made it through and I am so happy to move forward! So a few months ago I wrote about my dog, Tracy being diagnosed with cancer. Well this past week we made a very difficult decision and had Tracy's leg amputated on Friday. The tumor had grown and was growing up his arm and it would have been cruel to let a perfectly happy, hungry, playful dog be in pain and discomfort. The night after surgery was tough, I felt awful for him and even had moments of terrible regret but at 5:30am Tracy stood up and walked outside and I am so relieved that just like that he is up again! Dogs are so incredibly resilient and I admire how well he's dealt with this disease and I am happy to say that as of Friday, after the loss of one of his legs, Tracy is cancer free! We don't know how long he will be since cancer usually metastasizes but we've read about several cases of dogs with Osteosarcoma who have lived another year or two after amputation. and considering the fact that we were told we might lose Tracy by October, we're happy to have any extra time with him at all and are especially happy that the pain and discomfort are gone. We have such an amazing group of friends and family, thank you all so much for caring so much about Tracy! So this week...
1. One of my lovely best friends turned 30!! Happy Birthday, E!!! 
2. I completed my last full week at my job! My last day is Tuesday and I am very happy and excited about having a new beginning! But not before a couple of days off to relax!
3. Fashion's Night Out is almost here again! Are any of you excited about this event/planning to participate/attend? I had a nice, girly time last year and am hoping to go again. You can find out what's going on for Fashion's Night Out near you right here
4. Women are eating their placentas?! I don't know how I feel about this! I mean I don't think I would ever but I'm not completely horrified, just a little grossed out (hope nobody is offended by me saying this).  How do you feel about this? Have any of you ever considered this as part of your birth plan?
5. Because I enjoyed putting together posts inspired by Pantone's Color Selections for Spring 2011, I am going to begin putting together posts for each of Pantone's Top 10 Color Selections for Fall 2011! Coming soon...
Hope you have an amazing week!!
PS: Wear your white summery clothes this week because Labor Day is almost here!! Do you follow this "rule"?


  1. Aw, glad your dog is okay. I don't follow the no white after labor day rule too closely, do you?

  2. You know, I don't really wear white very often. Just thought of it and realize the "rule" hardly applies to me at all. But I guess I would hesitate to wear white after labor day. I do like winter white though ( even though I hardly wear white in winter either).


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