Monday, August 8, 2011

This Week: Clouds and Marshmallows

photo from sevenspoons on flickr via weheartit

Have been so busy that I'm late to post about this week! I'm not the craftiest person, but find some pleasure in sitting calmly making stuff with my hands. Would love a space dedicated to crafting and/or working with a nice big table and lots of space to store all the supplies needed to make things. Without a space it's just a big mess and while enjoyable it kind of becomes chaotic when there is no room to seperate a project from one's day to day life (i.e. my dining table is my craft/work space).  Do any of you have a crafting/work room/home office to craft/work in?  I have painted and cut and stamped and hole-punched and I even made clouds (check out a tutorial from ohdeedoh here!) to hang above the candy buffet I put together for my sister-in-law's baby shower. So this week...
1.  I've been wanting to make homemade marshmallows ever since my lovely lunch at Daniel Boulud's fabulous DB Bistro Moderne. The ones I had there were orange-blossom flavored and amazing but I still haven't gotten around to making them. I'm inspired all over again after coming across this recipe for Neopolitan Marshmallows  on pinterest. Don't they look and sound delicious?! Have any of you ever made marshmallows? 
2. I got to spend some quality time with my childhood best friend and her husband and 2 lovely girls. I absolutely love seeing her, and love that she is such a great mother, especially since I've known her since we were 7 years old and it still seems surreal that she is all grown up with a family!
3. My friend and former Professor, Tracey shared this video on facebook a while back, have been meaning to share it. Isn't it beautiful?!
4. Am watching Project Runway and loving it even though I don't yet have a favorite designer. Design Star on the other it me or are they all kind of lame? I usually always have a favorite (and they win!) but this time, eh...I'm not loving anyone so much. Which is a shame because I was kind of excited about the show's new season since I loved Emily Henderson so much last season. Are any of you watching? Do you have a favorite on either show?

Have an amazing week!! xo

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