Saturday, August 13, 2011

This Week: Pretty in Pink

photo by me

Look at the lovely present I received from my sales representative at Knoll Textiles! The nail polish color is called Cato Pink. It was named after the Cato fabric pattern in the photograph in celebration of Cato's 50th Birthday! I think it's such a clever, creative way to celebrate  a textile's birthday, isn't it? Speaking of nail polish, I absolutely love  Glitter Guide's idea of having a girly manicure tea party! Does that sound like fun to you?!  Have you tried an ombre manicure yet? I really think I'd like to host one but wonder if anyone will actually be interested in attending. What girly things do you do with your girlfriends? I am looking for something that does not require as much commitment as a book club but still requires quality girl time that we can all pencil in on a regular basis, any ideas? So this week...
1. Last week one of my favorite blogs, Oh Joy featured a Tortellini with Lemon and Dill recipe by Cooking Channel's Kelsey Nixon and I spent all weekend wishing the recipe was available on her site so I could make it. And this week, ta-dah! It's up on her site and I am so going to make it!! Doesn't it sound delicious?! Please let me know if you make it!
2.  I think plastic is fantastic and was so excited to read about the Plastique Ludique exhibition at Les Arts Decoratifs! If only I could make my way to Paris to see it!
3. Missoni's collection for Target will be available in exactly one month! Here's a sneak peek of the collection. What do you think?
4. There isn't really a fall season in Miami:( It's quite sad since it's my favorite season and I get all excited about Fall Fashion and the idea of wearing sweaters and blazers come September but can't do so comfortably in 80-something degree weather (or hotter!). But I am in love with this cardigan (among other pieces) from Banana Republic's new Mad Men Collection and am going to get one even if I can't comfortably wear it until winter.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!! xo


  1. Manicure tea party!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!

  2. Awesome! Then I'll have one as soon as the weather cools off! That way it can be a garden manicure tea party!! yay!!

  3. LEt's have monthly make up party! Where we try new things with our makeup. New ways of putting one eyeshadows and different eyeliners other than black! People are scared to wear purples and blues we could play with that and see it could look fabulous!!

  4. Ayleen,

    That does sound like fun! I finally switched from black to brown eyeliner but I think colors done right would be so lovely! A make-up party sounds fun!! xo


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