Monday, September 19, 2011

hello, fall

hello, fall

hello, fall by lillyphunq featuring wedge pumps

And just like that, Fall is almost here! Despite the warm weather and desire to wear summer clothes until Winter, I am very very excited about Fall! I will miss the relaxed vibe that comes along with Summer. I will miss beach days (there were too few) and BBQ's and knowing that the year is still young. I am happy that Tracy has made it this far and amazed that another season has passed.  I'm excited about new beginnings and baking fall treats and the start of another holiday season! Here's to Fall! So this (past) week...
1. Am sorry to have posted so little last week, we were having internet issues:/
2. Want to go to Chicago to see this ! I've never actually seen the Marina City Apartment Towers in person but have loved them for years because I associate them with the cover of Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.
3. I'm not the only one revisiting and feeling inspired by the Great Gatsby
4. I totally missed the Missoni for Target launch:( Did any of you partake? What did you buy?! Do share!
5. For the first time in years I am not designing. I must say the break is kind of nice and the excitement of a new job is refreshing but I wish there was a great source for regular inspiration. I love so many blogs and magazines but more than ever I soooo wish Domino Magazine was still around:( What have you "replaced" Domino with? 

PS: I'm loving the new Fall colorways of Joy Cho's wallpaper

Enjoy the last days of Summer! xo


  1. just yesterday i scored missoni leggings for olivia! someone must have returned them and since i go to target almost everyday...i got lucky!

  2. That's awesome!! It's so hard to get to Target in time to buy all of their designer lines:( can't wait to see little miss Olivia in Missoni!!


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