Sunday, September 4, 2011

This Week: The Unofficial End of Summer

photo from Florida International Magazine by Brendan Burdzinski

And just like that Summer is almost over! I know we still have about 20 more days left, but it always feels like Summer is over after Labor Day, doesn't it? I will admit, I've been looking forward to Fall but now that Summer is really almost over I'm kind of sad that it went by so fast. Has the weather started to feel crisp and cool where you live? It's hard to feel like it's actually Fall until November or December because it's sooo hot here:(  I'm sorry I've been missing in action around here, I've taken a few days off to refresh and regroup before starting my new job on Tuesday. I have not done much, some shopping, some short visits with friends, time spent lounging and a little bit spent cleaning and baking. While not the most exciting mini-break, laying low and taking it easy is just perfect sometimes. We tried to squeeze in a little Summertime fun today and spent a couple of hours at the beach but it was cloudy and there were jelly fish in the water so not the best beach day:( Will try again on Monday! What are your end-of-summer/Labor Day plans? Are you ready for Fall?! So this week...
1. Paris vs New York! I've seen these lovely images floating around pinterest and blog land for a while, have you seen these? Aren't they clever? Well Penguin has put them all together in a book! Going to the top of my wishlist!
2. I want so many Butter London nail polish colors! I'm especially in love with Wallis , British Racing Green, Henley Regatta, and  Bluey for Fall! I'm going to get gel nails this week. I hear there are very limited colors so I don't know that I'll have anything this exciting just yet.
3. Just found another Hemingway book to read! It's The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, I found it while flipping through the latest issue of Matchbook Magazine.
4. Have you voted for Lilly Pond(ering) blog? My blog is a finalist in CBS Local-Miami's Most Valuable Blogger Awards 2011! Please take a minute to vote!! And since you're allowed to vote once/day any extra votes you can squeeze in are greatly appreciated!!
5. Check in this week to see posts I will begin putting together inspired by Pantone's Top 10 Color Selections for Fall 2011!!
Have a great long weekend!!! xo

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