Thursday, March 24, 2011

Currently Loving: Vintage World Globes in Decor

photo of Geography 101... Vintage Globe Collection via etsy

Vintage globes seem to be everywhere lately, and I want a piece of the action! Such a cool collection to start, isn't it? Unfortunately, I do not have space for a collection of globes:( But it would be so nice to have something so specific to shop for at Antique markets and thrift stores and to have a pretty cluster of beautiful, vintage globes on display somewhere in my home.  We always had a globe in our house growing up, I wonder if it's still around, I'll check next time I visit my mom.
I have always liked globes. I used to love that Lynne Thigpen's character, the Chief of ACME Detective Agency in the 90's PBS show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? always wore globe earrings,  I loved the scene in the movie Mermaids where Cher spins the globe to decide where to move to next (wouldn't that be nice?!), and I always loved to spin it with one hand while I felt the spin and the raised continents with my other hand. Do you collect vintage globes? You can read about collecting vintage globes and a little history about globes, here. You've probably also been seeing lots of maps being used in decor, I am loving maps too (but that's a different post), have you incorporated maps into your decor? Here are some photos of lovely vintage globe collections and vintage globes in decor.

photo via Elle Decor

 Vintage World Globe Pendant Light DIY project via addicted2decorating

   Sharilyn Wright's Vintage Globe Collection, photo via Apartment Therapy

 vintage globe used in wedding decor (for sale now!) via weddingbee

 Awesome globe via ImagineNations

Andrea Jenkins of Hula Seventy's Vintage World Globe collection via the Stir

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  1. That is such a lovely idea, globes are definitely a great way to add a worldly feel to any room! Strangely enough I had my eye on a vintage globe yesterday when I went out shopping... but did not buy it. Your post makes me want to go back and bring it home with me!! Perhaps I will do just that :)


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