Thursday, March 17, 2011

This Week: Lucky

photo by me:)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Do you have plans to celebrate? Are you cooking/eating or drinking anything special? Are you wearing green?! Guess what?! Today makes 3 months since my first blog post and this is my 50th post! Thank you all so much for reading!! It's so great to know that I'm not writing/posting into an empty abyss:) And I love to see that you're reading and commenting from all parts of the world! Please don't be shy, feel free to comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts! I would also love it if you would follow and/or "like" Lilly Pond(ering) Blog on Facebook, no pressure though:) And thank you to all of my dear friends for all your support and  for helping to spread the word about Lilly Pond(ering)!! So this week...

1. My mom has invited us over to her house for a St. Patrick's Day dinner! She's making Corned-Beef! I haven't had it in years, I'm so excited! Corned-Beef Hash is on my list of dishes I'd like to learn to make, this recipe sounds easy enough and looks delicious, doesn't it? Do you have a great Corned-Beef Hash recipe you want to share?
2. And since it's a week day and it's quite possible that you're short on time but would like to have a St. Patrick's day dinner, perhaps Rachel Ray's 30 minute Shepherd's Pie recipe could work! If you do make it, please let me know how it turns out!
3. I've been wanting to make terrariums forever now, and I will...eventually! So I was so excited to read this article in the NY Times Style Magazine featuring The Slug and the Squirrel Terrariums! Aren't they lovely?! You can get one of your very own at select East Coast Anthropologie stores or via their etsy shop!
4. I have been craving a trip to Paris lately. When I visited several years ago it was in the middle of my summer spent studying/living abroad in France (will talk about this a lot more some day!) and I must admit, Paris was not my favorite:( I had been traveling a lot and maybe I was tired, or since it was summer after all, perhaps there were too many tourists and Paris just wasn't at it's best, I don't know.  I did think it was beautiful, but for some reason I think I would love it more if I visited again! So this little photo diary of Vogue Fashion Assistant, Cynthia Smith's first ever Paris Fashion Week, though way more fancy and fabulous than my visit would be, made me want to go right NOW!
5. We are exactly one month away from my one year wedding anniversary!! I know paper is the gift to give for one's first wedding anniversary, so I'm trying to come up with something clever and awesome to make or buy for my husband. Any ideas?  What would/did you give your husband/wife for your first anniversary?


  1. Happy St Patrick's Day Lilly! You have such a beautiful name. I am sooo glad to have found your absolutely delightful blog. Congrats on 3 months of happy posting :) I completely share your sentiments about feeling great when you know people are reading what you write (through comments). It can be quite disheartening otherwise! I love love love the Vogue photo diary you posted, omg have never been to Paris before but man I am dying to go now!! Perhaps a trip for two is in order . . . xx

  2. Amazing post!!!Happy St.Patrick's Day and thanks for sharing your feelings and your thoughts!


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