Friday, March 25, 2011

This Week: Apples & Oranges

 photo by me:)
Hi, my name is Lilly and I am a baking addict. Instead of starting Spring on a huge health kick like I intended, I baked not one, but two cakes this week! I baked an apple cake on Monday and an orange cake this afternoon, both baked with the excuse of putting the fruits I bought to good use. I guess I'm going to have to stop buying fruit.  I know, I should just practice self-control, but the whole process is therapeutic for me. I find calm in measuring and mixing and chopping (apples) or zesting (oranges), and the final product is ALWAYS enjoyable! And just like that the first week of Spring is almost over! Here's to hoping that Friday (the workday) goes by quickly! So this week...
1. We booked a trip to New York City!! Since our planned visit to NYC in December was canceled at the last minute because of a blizzard, we are so excited to go! I am excited to finally get to explore Brooklyn and see/do most of the things we had planned to do in December minus the Christmas(y) stuff like ice skating at Rockefeller Center and being in a winter wonderland. Please recommend any current exhibits we must see or sweet treats/meals we must try!!
2.  Have any of you mastered any artichoke recipes? I hear they're not the easiest to cook/prepare but I watched Giada make Genovese Style Artichokes today and it looks easy enough, and soooo pretty! I might give it a try soon!
3. Speaking of Giada, I went to Target today and I seemed to want everything I saw, especially all of her products! I was tempted to buy her pesto because it's HER pesto, but then it seemed silly since I've learned to make a bunch of different versions of pesto from her. So is it lame to buy her pesto in a jar if I know how to make my own? Have any of you tried it?
4. As my 31st birthday approaches, I am growing more and more concerned about wrinkles and am looking for ways to begin preventing the signs of aging (I sound like a commercial! but it's true, I'm concerned!).  I wear moisturizer with SPF during the day and a night cream but no serums or actual wrinkle creams yet, I think it's time! Do any of you use any (reasonably priced) oil-free wrinkle creams/serums you would recommend? Any other tips or suggestions for maintaining my skins elasticity?
5. Here is the Orange Cake recipe I baked today (see a photo of it above!). It's the easiest cake I've ever baked, no electric mixer needed (because I did not make the frosting) and it baked in 35 minutes! So I highly recommend you try it out if you ever have 2 oranges laying around and are in the mood for a sweet treat:)

Have a lovely weekend!!! XO


  1. That orange cake is delish! Thanks for the recipe, i might give it go soon.

  2. I'm glad you liked it! Yes, I hope you do, it's soooo easy and quick! Have a lovely weekend!! xo

  3. Lilly - I too, find baking very therapeutic! Your orange cake looks absolutely divine! Thanks for sharing the recipe - it sounds like the perfect little treat for afternoon tea tomorrow and just as well, I happen to have all the ingredients handy, so yay! Your post reminds me that I need to head out and find a stronger moisturising cream for the upcoming winter... unfortunately I have no experience with anti-wrinkle creams so am unable to give any good recommendations but I'll ask around and let you know! xx


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