Thursday, March 31, 2011

I fancy: A spot of tea

photo credits top photo and a little tea history via Adore Vintage, bottom photo by Claire Richardson via delish

Lately, I have been enjoying tea more and more. My babysitter introduced me to tea when I was a very little girl. She would serve me tea with a splash of milk and sugar with cookies or toast and I remember enjoying it so much. I would love to incorporate a tea time into my afternoons. Do you observe an afternoon tea time on a daily basis? I love the idea of taking a little break and kicking back and relaxing while enjoying a cup of tea and some baked delicious treats or tea sandwiches! Speaking of tea sandwiches, I want to try these recipes, they all sound amazing! Have you any amazing tea sandwich recipes to share? I think I am ready to begin working on my tea sandwich making skills so I can host a proper tea party soon. So my first step towards beginning a tea time buy myself a dainty tea cup, of course! I will begin the search tomorrow, will post pictures once I find THE one:)

 photo credits (from left to right) Martha Stewart, photo of Pink Rococo Tea Set via thisnext, One-lump-or-two-lamp via Anthropologie, pink and gold tea cups via Weddingthings

 tea party photos via Country Living

French Tea Bag and French Madeleine prints by magalerie via etsy


  1. Love the heart-shaped cups...adorable!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my photos :)
    Really appreciate it.
    I'm a big tea drinker so I love your theme.

  3. Magalerie, your photos are lovely!! Thank you:)

  4. Love this post Lilly! Perfect inspiration as I am hosting a garden tea party this week :) I too wish I had more time for afternoon tea on a daily basis, but alas, sometimes life gets so busy... xx


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