Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello, Spring!

photo credits (from left to right), photo by Sharon Core via NY Magazine, photo by me, photo and lemonade/limeade recipe from Martha Stewart

Spring has sprung!!! It's finally here and I am SO excited!! It's not like Miami winters are rough, but there is something about a new Season that is just so refreshing, isn't there?! And Spring is really the most refreshing for me. I'm ready to go for ice cream on a warm evening and jump in a swimming pool on a hot day, are you?! So take out your lovely dresses and swimsuits because Spring is here!! I have several goals for Spring that MUST happen before Summer, they are:

1. Begin diet/work-out regimen as swimsuit time is here:/
2. Find a perfectly comfortable and springy straw handbag
3. Do some real Spring Cleaning!
4. Host some kind of tea party or brunch, or who knows, some kind of crafternoon party for the girls:)
5. Make our headboard or find a headboard solution asap!

Do you have Spring goals too? Are you as excited as I am about Spring?!  What about Spring are you most excited about? Here's to a happy happy Spring!! xo


  1. It's crazy but your goals are so similar to mine I may as well just cut and paste it and then continue it with goals 6-10.

  2. Ha ha! Do it!! So...what are goals 6-10;)?

  3. What a delightful colour palette Lilly!! I am honestly so envious of those of you welcoming Spring, it is still quite far away for me as I'm on the other side of the world; have no goals yet but I cannot wait for the day to come! My favourite things about spring: blooming flowers and pretty, lace dresses... xx


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