Friday, January 7, 2011

This Week: To New Beginnings!!

(photo via pinterest)

Happy New Year!! And just like that the first week of the year is almost over...unbelievable how quickly time is passing us by. We spent a week lazying around Miami Beach trying to make the best of our vacation time despite our plans falling through. It's amazing how easy it is to get used to not doing much at all. We would wake up and go out for Breakfast every morning (as one does when on holiday, right!?), we visited a local museum, went on long bicycle rides (did I mention I got a new bicycle for Christmas!?), had a picnic at the park, visited with family and friends, shopped, went to the movies, got to attend our friends' Mad Hatter themed New Years Eve party, and even made time to clean and organize problem/clutter areas of the apartment so we could start the new year fresh! So this week....
1. I've returned to work! Hard to get used to after being off for so many days:(
2. Wished I lived in LA so I could go to this and this! Wouldn't it be great if the Little Flower School came to Miami?! (LA friends, let me know if you go!!)
3. After obsessing with finding the perfect pistachio dessert, I think I may have found it!!
4. Found the perfect key ring, mail holder solution! We are in love with it! I've requested pricing, hope it's affordable.
5. Thought this was cute (found here)
6. It's my mom's birthday on Friday!! Happy Birthday, Mom!!
7. Watched Julia Child on the Cooking Channel, she was really funny!
8. Found this recipe! Would like to make it for our friends after our scheduled Redland Ramble on January 15th with chevre from a goat farm we visited last time we were in the Redland. Plus it'd be nice to use fresh local ingredients!
9. Am loving everything about this photo! Aren't the colors lovely?!
10.Still working on new year's resolutions to try to not complain and be patient

Hope you're all having a great first week! Here's to new beginnings!!!


  1. ooh, I live in LA and didn't know about the little flower school...I already own my little Bando accessories, so this is the logical next step!!
    xox alison

  2. I love!!! If you get to attend, please tell me all about it!!
    Have a lovely weekend!


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