Friday, January 21, 2011

Currently Loving: Late 1970's Inspired Style

 I know what you're thinking...but I don't mean Saturday Night Fever and Disco, instead think Rhoda Morgenstern, Mary Tyler Moore, Diane Von Furstenberg and Annie Hall. The late 1970's career girl (and her apartment) meets 2011. Lucky Magazine's "The New 70's Show" feature really hit the spot. I'm loving neutrals like khaki, tan leather, and navy paired with lady-like blouses and cardigans in pops of color. This is a great transition into the bold bright colors that are coming up everywhere for spring (and I'm sure I'll be excited about those very soon too!). I'm not sure how well the late 1970's will fare in Interior Design in 2011 since some people may not be ready to revisit the decade. I think some 1970's inspired spaces are really cool and somewhat timeless, perhaps small details and accessories (i.e. some brass accents, shag rugs, graphic wallpaper...what else?) can help in achieving this cleaned up, late 70's vibe without having to commit to it for long.  What do you think? Are you digging this vibe too? Do you think the 70's will make a strong comeback during this decade or do you think this will be a short-lived trend?

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