Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I fancy: Ampersands

Isn't the Ampersand lovely?! So pretty in so many fonts and forms, perfect in logos and company names and even all by itself. It is commonly known as the "and sign" and Wikipedia says it's roots go way back to the 1st Century A.D. According to Wikipedia the Ampersand is named after a french physicist and mathematician named André-Marie Ampère who used the sign in his publications and so they called it "Ampere's and". Go here for the history of the Ampersand. It is a common symbol, and almost everyone knows what it is and what it means but might not have taken a few little minutes to appreciate how beautiful it is. It has developed a cult following over the years, there are entire blogs and websites devoted to it's beauty. I must say, I don't tire of looking at different versions of it and love that they are popping up everywhere lately. Here is the lovely Ampersand in products, photos, illustrations, etc. So tell me...do you fancy the Ampersand too?

(the evolution of the Ampersand via wikipedia)

(photo via pinterest)

Ampersand in Kate Spade's new Fifth Avenue Store
(photo via lonnymag)

 (photo via sharesomecandy)

(photo from etsy via pinterest)

(photo via pinterest)

(photo via mediabistro)

(available at House Industries)

(photo from imjustcreative)

(photo via pinterest)

(photo via the ampersand)

(photo via pinterest)

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