Friday, January 14, 2011

This Week: Dreaming of a Snow Day

Winter is here! It is snowing in 49 states, so cool that Florida is the one state without snow, it's even snowing in Hawaii! Winter in paradise is quite nice, we get to wear some winter clothes and feel a little cold and then it just warms up again and cools off again and warms up again, etc... it's nice to get a break from the cold. Even though I can imagine how unpleasant a cold winter can be, I love the idea of staying home because of the snow! It must be so great to stay warm and cozy indoors while watching movies and lounging in pajamas, eating comfort foods and sipping hot chocolate, it sounds so nice! Hope those of you who live in cold places stay warm and enjoy your snow days! So this week...

1. We tried this delicious cocktail for my sister's birthday dinner!
2. Flipped through the new issue of Lonny (one of my favorite online magazines)!
3. Learned about this awesome website and heard this lovely song.
4. Baked an apple cake for "girls night in" at my sister's house!
5. Want to get this book.
6. Looking forward to our Redland outing on Saturday for this!
7. Made this, very yummy (not exactly diet-friendly though I did make it a little better by getting Dream Fields pasta)
8. Think this photo is lovely, and so different from most other photos of her.
9. Doesn't this Strawberry and Cherry Limeade sound delicious?! Think I'll make it on Saturday with fresh fruits from our Redland excursion!
10. We don't have a heater or a fireplace, this seems like a cool solution. Check out the history of the fireplace here.

Hope your weekends are lovely! XO

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