Friday, January 28, 2011

This Week: Goodbye January

(photo by me)

Can you believe January is almost over?!  Well to be honest January felt long, not too long but I feel like I've had a lot of time to visit with friends and family, watch movies, bake treats, read, work, etc. but still can't believe that it's almost February. I had a lovely first month, I think 2011will be a good year! This week...

1. I just baked cloud cakes! Frosting is being whipped up as I type this (thank goodness for standing mixers:) I found the recipe in this book (a gift from my lovely friend), it's a white cake topped (and baked) with strawberry preserves and a fluffy frosting. Let me know if you'd like the recipe!

2. Am resisting the urge to buy something on just to get the free iPhone case! I love the bold black and white stripes! Do you ever get sucked into buying stuff just to receive free stuff?

3. I thought  Blue Valentine was good, despite the fact that I found it depressing.

4. Watched Giada make this! Have any of you ever made Risotto? Is it difficult to do? I think I'm going to attempt to make it this weekend if the weather feels wintery.

5. Am soooo excited about Tina Fey's new book (to be released April 5th)!! I can't wait!!!

6. Oscar nominations are out! Are you excited about any particular nomination? I want to watch "Biutiful", "The Fighter" and "Rabbit Hole" before then.

7.  Watched "Somewhere"! It was so beautiful to watch, a little less wonderful than Lost in Translation  (I LOVED Lost in Translation) but still great! It made me want to visit LA again soon.

8. Iron and Wine was on Conan! I have it on my DVR, don't know what I'm waiting for to watch it. You can see the performance here.

9. Will be posting my first Outfit to Outfitted post soon, you can see the first One Accessory Said to the Other post here.

10. Excited for friends that are running marathons on Sunday! My hats off to them:)

Have a lovely weekend!! XO

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