Sunday, January 9, 2011

Currently Loving: The Absence of Color + Rich Textures

- Color + Rich Textures

I will begin by stating that I am a lover of color! I really am, however, I tire of color quite quickly. One week/month I'm in love with a certain color, and the so much. I never dislike colors, I just don't want them everywhere all the time. In design, since one's selections are semi-permanent/long term commitments, I tend to think color is best as an accent. Walls are best in neutral colors (preferrably whites or grays) and the use of rich textures like wood (especially walnut), (faux/vintage) fur or leather,and metals far out weigh the use of bright colors in large doses. Now throw in a brightly colored throw pillow or blanket, a stack of colorful books on a table or a bright, colorful painting, or even a vase with colorful flowers (or even white flowers, sometimes I think the green of the stems and leaves are enough color:) and it's just the right dose if you want color. Lately, though I consider a tan leather an accent color in an otherwise neutral palette and throw in white or cream for a punch of brightness. As much as I love the use of color in the right application (i.e. Palm Springs, a baby nursery, fashion, event planning, etc.) and understand how happy and wonderful color makes one feel, currently, I'm totally loving neutral spaces with accents of lovely, rich textures and metals with accents of white/cream, gray, charcoal, and black for the needed punch! These photos will illustrate how lovely a neutral palette can be, and how bold neutral can be (despite the absence of actual color) in photos and interior, fashion, and product design. So are you color commitment phobes, too? Or do you absolutely need color in your living spaces?

(photos via lonnymag, mattersofstyleblog)

(photos via pinterest, citified)

(photos via remodelista, aubreyroad)

(photos via fastcodesign, mattersofstyleblog)


(photos via citified, pinterest)

(photo via the decorista)

(photos via onbluepoolroad, sfgirlbybay)

(photos via yellowtrace, aubreyroad)
(photos via thout, the brick house)
(photo via sayyestohoboken)


  1. Woah, that book room and sheet waterfall are trippy!

    I love color, but like you, change my mind about colors often, so I like them in small, inter-changeable doses.

  2. Yes, inter-changeable color is best! I would hate to get sick of it and be stuck with it long term. Yes, the fabric waterfall is great and I am in love with the way those books wrap from the wall to the floor, would like to visit that space!


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